Bristol Heart Imaging

Why Go Private

We are employed by the National Health Service (NHS) in the Department of Radiology. We continue to witness a huge increase in the demand for diagnostic imaging in all its forms.

Every effort is made to offer appointments in the timeliest fashion on the NHS and without exception in an emergency. Nonetheless, there is an enormous expectation that all patients can be accommodated without incurring a significant waiting time; this is not always possible.

Today’s clinicians have become much more reliant on the images acquired using CT and MRI scanning. The ability to acquire accurate data in detailed cross-sections, 3-dimensional reconstruction and functional data is invaluable.

The analysis of this important and often highly complex data can be time consuming and of course must be highly accurate. The results affect treatment strategies and therefore are integral in patient management.

With our expertise and training, from both the clinical and research settings, and access to state-of-the art imaging technology, we are able to achieve the needs of the patient and attending clinician.

Through ‘Bristol Heart Imaging’ we are able to offer cardiac MRI imaging (45 minute – 1 hour appointments) at the Spire Hospital and both cardiac CT (20-30 minute appointments ) and MRI at the Bristol Royal Infirmary or Bristol Heart Institute at the following times:


Spire Hospital

Bristol Heart Institute

Bristol Royal Infirmary
(Level 3, Department of Radiology)

Monday morning 07.30hrs – 12.30hrs.

  • Dr Nathan Manghat
  • Cardiac MRI, X-ray reporting

Friday afternoon 12.30hrs – 17.30hrs.

  • Dr Mark Hamilton
  • Cardiac MRI, Echocardiography, X-ray reporting - Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto (soon to be upgraded to Siemens Aera)

Monday – Friday* 08.00hrs – 09.00hrs and 17.00hrs – 19.00hrs

  • Dr M Hamilton and Dr N Manghat
  • Cardiac MRI - Siemens Avanto

Monday – Friday* 08.00hrs – 09.00hrs and 17.00hrs – 19.00hrs.

  • Dr M Hamilton and Dr N Manghat
  • Cardiac CT - Siemens AS Somatom 128-Slice
* Weekend appointments are possible on request